Walking the Horses at the Springs Event Venue

What I Believe

I believe in God, Sylvia and family. I have a passion for art, movies, coffee and sometimes I think we should eat dessert first.

I believe Vincent Van Gough felt his feelings flow from his heart, down his arm and into his brush.

In the right hands, photography is art.

I know why Ansel Adams spent more time in the darkroom than behind the camera. Too many photographers never finish a picture.

I believe that work can be a prayer if that work brings value to others. In my work, I fulfill my passion in art. 

In the "darkroom", I retouch and enhance the images often until I realize I've missed lunch. I feel my fingerprints are buried deep within each image I shape. 

I believe that with my vision, your children will look at the images on your walls and begin the dreams. I believe that could be the greatest honor I will have.

I trust that in finished, artistic pictures, you will have the full value of your love story. No one should visit your home and fake nice compliments. They should see finished and retouched images and have a fuller understanding of who you are. 

Jim Rode Photographer


Jim 817-781-7331