Cassandra and Stephen were getting married in Dallas. One day, she called and asked if I could do the engagements 250 miles away in Huntsville. They both were in school and had little time to travel to Dallas. She was a criminal justice major. She promised to show me the electric chair if I would photograph them in Huntsville. How could I resist the promise of the electric chair?

We went on safari around town. We began our photo safari by stopping at the Walls Unit...death take a few pictures...very much against the rules. We parked near the "Don't You Dare" signs and asked Cassandra and Stephen to hold hands and walk toward me. One tower guard picked up a shotgun, while another hit the phone. In thirty seconds we got a couple photographs and left. Whew!

We continued around town taking pictures on campus, in the town square near where they lived, and yes, later, I got to see "old sparky", the electric chair. Freaky fun.

I retouched and enhanced their photographs, made an Internet Video to announce the engagement, and then created a portrait on a sheet of aluminum as a wedding gift from me. Their wedding of course, was fabulous. 

I believe in love. If you like how I photograph love stories, contact me. I might be just right for your wedding.

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