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Love Letters to Jim Rode!

Jim Rode. You are the coolest dude ever! We are honored that we had you capture our life moments. You truly are a great photographer but mostly a kind soul. We love you. Thank you for giving us the memories. Shannon and Ryan 

I cannot say enough wonderful things a bout my wedding photographs by Jim! I was worried about getting enough photos with just one photographer but Jim had two (photographers) to help! Amazing!!! His editing, videos, and photos are perfect!!! I am so happy and so satisfied with every individual photograph! He's truly an artist!!! I would recommend his services tony bride to be, and would hire him again and again. Tiff

THANK YOU SO MUCH JIM!!!! Jim is an amazing photographer! He saved my wedding!! My wedding was planned completely in advanced and my original photographer just last minute decided she did not want to do my wedding (2 days before!) So I called Jim and he was willing to do my wedding with 1 day notice. He was amazing to work with! :D He was fun to take pictures with and the 2 other photographers that worked with him where very sweet! Lindsey Davis

We owe our gratitude to you for making our wedding a wonderful experience. The manner in which you worked was outstanding. Our friends and family have all commented on how fast you worked and with extraordinary creativity. The photos and slideshows of our wedding and reception truly captured the emotion, love and happiness of the event. So Jim, thank you for helping us to fulfill our dream of a perfect wedding and to save the wonderful memories through your imaginative and beautiful photography. Ashley and Brandon

When my husband and I started looking for a photographer we looked through at least seven before we found Jim. When we met with him we knew he was the one we wanted to share our memories with. He brought some of his work with him to show us and you can see the passion in his work. I absolutely love the engagement pictures and I know the wedding pictures will turn out amazing. If you are looking for a photographer who is great at what they do, Jim is the one for you. He takes the time to get to know you before the big day. I will be recommending him to all my friends who have upcoming weddings. Ashley and Bryan

You are a romance novelist. You tell the story of a couple in one through the most beautiful pictures painted with your camera. Your wedding albums don't just capture "an event", they tell the joyful stories of couples in love that delight the reader, excite the senses and move the heart. Your work takes my breath away...Thank you for the extra time you spent with me. I love the photos and your creative composition and compelling vignettes that you create through the lens. Excellent. I am better because I met you today. David Hira

We just got to look at the pictures. They are BREATH-taking! You are amazing! Thank you so much! Unbelievable! Your vision is remarkable and made us both cry! Thank you! Allison and David

Jim Rode is my first choice of photographer for any event and I am in the wedding-event industry. He is a consummate professional as well as an incredible artist. In addition to the expected photos, Jim always makes sure to capture the detail so you have a complete record of your day! He is also a very nice person and easy to work with. Amelita B. Oh My! Cakery

Jim Rode is creative. Jim was very nice, thoughtful, efficient and creative. He knew what his time limitations were and used every moment as best he could, capturing as many photos as he could. The photos came out great. Everyone at the wedding and reception, and even afterwards spoke well of Jim and his work and that didn't change once the photos came out! We are very pleased and our family IS using Jim again. Mary and John

Jim- Oh my goodness! This is the most beautiful image slide-show! I of course, cried the first time I watched it (well - the second and third too)! You did an amazing job of capturing Les and Linz and portrayed their personalities and love for one another beautifully. Tammy S. (MoB)

Thank you so much for your time and artistic eye. You made this day awesome! Patti and Ervey

Love! Love! Love them Jim! Thank you so much. You are so talented! We are so happy. Absolutely phenomenal! Thanks! Tara and John D.

I have been absolutely pleased with Jim Rode's skills. Not only does he take amazing photos but he creates a beautiful artistic look to every photo. All of my friends and family are amazed at each photo they see. Jim has made an awesome impression on us as a photographer and has become a friend of ours as well. He got to know us on a personal level and made sure who we truly are shine through in our photographs. Thank you Jim for capturing a small part of our lives with your artistic eye and we hope you will be available to capture other meaningful events as our years together pass. You have forever won us over with your wonderful photography abilities as well as with your friendship. Chris and Bianca

Jim, we had a blast on our safari! We cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures. Thank you for spending al the time that you did with us. We really appreciate how comfortable you made us feel (neither one of us are photogenic) ha ha! Choosing you to capture our love and wedding day was the right decision. Many Thanks, Chip and Jennifer

Oh my! They are beautiful YOU are amazing!!! Amy and Gary H.

Jim!! That was incredible! You are amazing! Christina M.

A tear came to my eye. You are a great photographer. Brandy P.

Jim, they are gorgeous!! We LOVE them! You took some amazing pictures! I knew you would : ) Thank you, thank you thank you! Elida and Christopher

Jim is an excellent, creative photographer that pays attention to the smallest of details. There are photographers, and there are professional wedding photographers. There is a huge difference i the skill level required to shoot a wedding. Jim is one of the best. Love, love the slideshows of his weddings ant he posts online for the family to view. I highly recommend Jim Rode Photographer for any type of photography services but especially for his skill level as a wedding photographer Carolyn Brister

There is literally not ONE that I don't like! Your are amazing! Tiffany M.

Your abilities are phenomenal! I stand in awe of your work. Margaret Atkinson

By the way...the best ever! You truly are a great photographer and I feel blessed by God that you did her pictures. Thank you! Rachelle M. Mother of the Bride

You are a genius - Oh my gosh! the photos are GREAT!!! Oh my gosh!!!! Love, love them...Thank you!! Cynde Williamson

I was shocked and amazed at some of the images that he caught! Just amazing! No bride or family will be disappointed in hiring Jim Rode! Tiffany and Mike